About our company

INREST Company born 10 years ago with its new name “INREST” to carry out and blossom 21 years of hard work and experience in the industry of comforters, bed sets, towels and most of home attire.We make all of our designs and styles in-home company by our brilliant engineering team and fiber manufacturing team up at our manufacturing headquarter.
We acquired our technology from the finest fabric manufacturing around the world like Italy, India, Turkey, Egypt, China, and Pakistan, we select the best synthetic silk, 100% cotton and microfiber to bring you the highest quality and the best products on the market.
We have five existing locations with a plan to open more in the near future within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also we provide our products through our website here at the middle east version of the website  www.INREST.com.
Come see what we have to offer by visiting our locations or online at www.inrest.com

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